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One Day In a Mahogany Room

There was always one day...

One day I'll write (my pen is powerful, so is my typewriter)...

One day I'll speak (silent no more, I have something powerful to say).

One day

I'll dance (I got moves, you watchin or nah).

One day I'll teach (and help as many love learning as I do). One day I'll show them the leader I am (President, Founder, CEO, CCO, Team Player- yes, team players lead too).

One day I'll gather the masses and inspire (positively wake up, impact and move forward).

One day is today. Today is my once upon a time, in present-day. I'll no longer long for the fairy tale. I'll be the fairy tale. I'll play the roles--I got range :)

2017 has shown us that life is short. Life is unpredictable. Life is not promised but as long as you have it-make it do what it do sugarbaby!

Welcome to The Mahogany Room-where the written story speaks and the culture begins to come alive.

Kimberley Washington, The Mahogany Room Founder

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