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Queen, Learn to lean...

I was talking with one of my sistahs today and she sparked a preaching session in me. We carry so much unnecessary weight literally because we choose to do it all on our own. Now this is different from having to do it all on your own. This is also different from being able to do it all on your own (Girl we know you're magical!).

Having to do it all on your own- means no immediate help is available or everyone else is dead.... (I know drastic, dramatic---Kim). However, choosing to do it all your own means you may not recognize the help you have. Look Over There!!! HELP is right there! I'm going to dive in specifically here on the topic of being in a relationship (referring to mostly marriage but some solid domestic partnerships too) and walking through life's toughest moments afraid to lean.

Queen you have got to learn to lean!

Here we are, with arms of steel because we will carry the entire weight and not allow our spouses to cover us. They know our strength and mostly know our weaknesses. They also know that our tendency is to "Walk it like we Talk it." GirlPower! Women Empowered! Wonder Woman! I'on Need Nobody But Me.... Yes, all that. Meanwhile, they won't force the issue but my husband is always like- Put me in Coach!!! I'm like, I got it Bae! Then he's like - We on the same team! I'm like- I know, but I'm Good (*giggles at self foolishness*) I'm empowered by the many talents and abilities I possess. You can be tired. You can need help, It's ok! Sometimes we forget they are our own special star players on the team too and here to get the WIN! There is not much better than a tie game where at least you, yo' boo and God all shoot 3's (SWOOSH).

Queen, Learn to Lean!

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