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A Purposed Pause

It's been a minute...or two Mahogany Room Sugarbabies. Hey there! How ya been? *giggles* Soooooo...

I put myself on PAUSE so I could do more observation and more analysis of what I was seeing exactly. You know

how it goes..."In

All Thy Getting - Get Some Understanding." So me being Queen, I pressed PAUSE to get me some Understanding. Many times, we forget that we possess the royal option of PAUSE. It is not a requirement to continue forward where a pause is warranted. Now you need to ensure you Pause for a Purpose. Don't just stop because you give up, but by all means, take a moment to understand what's unfolding. I've seen people ignore their right to a PAUSE and then suffer the consequences. The pace we are running at right now is so fast. Pretty soon we'll have to be ZAPPED here and there just to get to where we believe we're going first. I'm all for being able to get to my destination quickly, but I don't want to miss the "on the way," on the way. Understand? The scenery may include some much needed training, experiences, baggage handling, a flight plan, a clarifying fight, encouragement, an epiphany, a hug, a sigh, a revolutionary dip baby dip dance ---all things that shape us for when we get to the SPOT!

There is much to be said for those that will Pause, while others keep when they start again, they'll be better ready for what lies ahead. Take the anointed purposed royal pause. The peace in your kingdom may depend on it.

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