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When you lose so others can win-the sacrifice.

Sacrifice is a tremendous ordeal. There are times when we make sacrifices for people without their knowledge, or request, for that matter.

The greater good moment. Recognizing the ‘greater good moment’ is probably an art form, most often exercised by parents-especially moms. Most mothers, most..will certainly do whatever it takes to ensure the well being of her children. More than a few moms would walk through 🔥 to protect her children. Many mothers would do just about whatever they could to ensure the success of her children. Some mothers will give up their own happiness to see her children’s joy. Others would trade their very lives. This is evidence that mothers are close to Gods own heart. The sacrifice is not pretty. It’s not convenient. It’s not normally public. It’s not always recognized. It is personal though. It is purposed. It is part of a now-future-Plan.

Now there are many other less obvious spaces in our lives where the unrequested sacrifice purposely pushes someone else towards their win at the expense (hopefully temporary expense) of your own victory. (At least it’s hard to see your victory through the tear filled eyes that you won’t allow to fall). Spaces where the choice is made to take the L, the gut punch, the disappointment, the heart break, the hunger, the limits on our dreams, the hidden tears... to be uncovered so someone else can win.

I just wanted to point out to you...I See You. Smiling through the uncovered exposure to the pressure, the elements, the storm but cheering anyway.

I See You❣️

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