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I'm doing me, all Royal like and such.

Girl, you are something else! As I sashay through my kingdom (The Mahogany Room) or sit upon my throne (the sofa) and watch my royal subjects (the tv characters), I quickly realize- I am the ruler of this castle. This is my kingdom. In this place, I choose who and what I let in (close the gates!).

For some time, it just didn't click that the choice was mine. My time was spent being subject like... instead of royal like. I loved to serve... no scratch that- I love to serve. However, as folks determine that you'll serve without anything in return... they seized the opportunity. Taking from the store house. As they seized their own opportunities, they lay siege to my peace. That is Unacceptable. This was a declaration of war and I didn't even know I was in the battle. Ha! How you goin' fight me when I wasn't woke yet? I see you now sugar pudding! I. see. you.

I wake up like this the fullness of my Queen identity. Ruler of my kingdom...alongside my King. It's not optional. And when I tour the other kingdoms... I'm still the Queen! I respect the Queens in their rightful Queenliness.

You are cordially invited to come Queen with me.


The Queen

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